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Der Garten im April

April: Aussaaten und Gartenarbeiten April macht was er will! Im Moment ist er bestens gelaunt und bietet hervorragendes Garten-Wetter. Nutzen Sie... To article

"Finally a good alternative to boring standard varieties."
Arno T.
What to sow
Tips & Tricks
Growing cucurbits

The cucurbits family is extremely diverse, and offers us a multitude of fruit of different shapes and colours...

Supports for climbing plants

Many plants such as peas, runner beans, or tomatoes grow high and need support. This allows you to optimise the use of space but requires a little bit of DIY...

Protect young shoots

In April, direct seeding is possible. But be careful - the longer days and the rising temperatures can be treacherous...

Encourage beneficial insects in your garden!

The word "insects” gives many gardeners nightmares and they worry about pests attacking their crops. Too often we forget the important role that many insects play in biological control...

Your herb garden

What is more pleasant than harvesting fresh herbs on the balcony or in the garden, and using them directly in the kitchen? With a little planning, this can be accomplished without any problems…

Staggered planting: A constant harvest! 

Spring is right around the corner and your organic seeds are in your hands - who can resist running straight to the garden and planting?