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"Finally a good alternative to boring standard varieties."
Arno T.
What to sow
Tips & Tricks
Protect your plants for the winter

As soon as temperatures drop to zero, some plants are in danger! Don’t forget to protect them from the cold. You can find the necessary equipment in any good garden centre.

Harvesting winter vegetables

In winter, fresh fruits and vegetables are rare, and all the more sought after! Your organic vegetable garden will reward those who have sown the relevant seeds in the summer.

Be sure to plan your garden, it’s worth it!

Taking a little time now to plan will make it easier for your garden all year round.

Taking care of your tools and the garden

To prolong the life of your garden tools, remember to clean them before the winter so they don't rust. Do not hesitate to grease the metal...

Geschenkideen Weinachten 2020

Immer noch auf der Suche nach Geschenkideen für Familie und Freunde? Hier sind unsere Vorschläge um Freude zu bereiten!

What's New for 2021 & Seed Availability

There are 13 new varieties to try, and we hope you are just as convinced as we are! Among all our new varieties and the many suggestions that we receive every year from our customers, we have selected our favourites to enrich our vegetable garden.

To plow or not to plow?

To plow or not to plow? This is the eternal question when spring is approaching. In this video, we present the advantages and disadvantages of this laborious work. What do you think?