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Taking care of tomato plants

Here we are, we finally planted our tomatoes and the exciting season is going to start, but what do we have to do in order to take the best care of... To article

Organic gardening: bean seeds harvet
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What to sow
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June: Planting, garden work and tomato care

After an intense month of May, June can be dedicated to weeding and pampering our plants...

Growing tomatoes

Tomatoes enjoy sunshine and summer temperatures and start producing beautiful crops. Check their condition regularly and attach them to a support if necessary...

Green manure: An active break for your soil!

Your garden deserves an active break, so consider planting green manure! It is especially after a harvest, on an empty plot, that these mixtures demonstrate their benefits.

Sowing chicory

The crispy leaves of these chicory add character to your salads. With different degrees of bitterness, there’s a favourite variety for everyone!

Aphids: Prevention and treatment

Aphids are among the most common pests of the vegetable garden, and can cause considerable damage despite their small size and immobility...