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Seeds, our passion

Our family's mission is to breed the best and most beautiful organic varieties for YOUR garden

Our varieties

Most of our varieties have evolved over centuries, each generation of breeders selecting the best individuals, saving their seeds and sowing them in the following year. This led to perfectly adapted cultivars, disease-resistant and rich in taste.

Robust and healthy plants

Through our breeding process, we select for strong and healthy plants that resist to pests

Certified organic

All our seeds are certified organic and are suited for organic agriculture

No hybrids or GMOs

All our varieties are open pollinated and freely reproducible

Breeding in Switzerland

We breed our plants in Switzerland, making sure they're perfectly adapted to our climate

Our philosophy

Since the early 1980s, we are focusing on specialities and traditional varieties. They often have long familiy histories, having been selected over generations. They are perfectly adapted to local climates, and reflect their breeders' tastes and preferences.

We are proud to control the whole seed production process, and mainly sell our products through our website, allowing full control over our offer.

Our commitments

We aim to preserve the biodiversity of agricultural plants

Especially valuable varieties are marked with our "Horticultural heritage" logo. These are our commitments

  • No GMOs
  • No hybrids
  • Breeding occurs in Switzerland
  • Taste and resistance are our main breeding goals
  • We make sure to preserve biodiversity on our farm
  • Long term breeding process ensures survival of heirloom varieties

Our story

The pioneers of organic seeds

After their education in horticulture and plant breeding, Christine and Robert Zollinger started with their own small seed company in Eastern Switzerland. Focusing on just a few traditional varieties, they soon started to expand their offer, until more land was needed. In 1991, they acquired a farm in Les Evouettes in the Swiss canton of Valais, where we are currently based. The family-owned company now offers more than 450 varieties that are especially well adapted for home gardens.

Since 2016, Christine and Robert's four sons are at the head of the family-owned company

Founding and first breeding

Christine and Robert Zollinger start their first breeding trials in Amriswil (TG).


First catalogue with 12 varieties


Acquisition of a farm in  Evouettes (VS)


First color catalog


First website


The second generation of Zollingers takes over. The brothers Tizian, Til and Tulipan head the company


Christine and Robert receive the Lammsbräu sustainability award


Launch of our ZiZAN!A Biobotanica cosmetics, made from upcycled plants left over after the seed harvest


Falc Zollinger, the youngest, joins his three brothers in the company!

Organic certificate

All our seeds are certified organic. You can download our certificate at EasyCert.

Family-owned company

Founded in 1984 and headed by the second Zollinger generation

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Only CHF1.- for all orders to Switzerland

Fast deliveries

We ship in 1-2 working days with Swiss Post Priority

More than 450 varieties - no GMOs

The best organic seeds for YOUR garden. Vegetables, flowers and herbs