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Flower mix, Nectar plus (annual)


This colourful BEE MIXTURE offers a delicious pollen and nectar filled paradise throughout summer for our honey collectors. They also beautify the garden with ever changing shades and hues. Compositions may vary slightly and keep giving intrigue to a changing scene. The exquisite plant species represent types of flowers for cutting flowers, aromatic herbs, and medicinal plants. Add value to your garden and make it a bee paradise at the same time!

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Quantity Portion (AC-8843-00) or 10 g (AC-8843-10)
Family flower mixture
Growing instructions

Sow from March to early July in a sunny place. Broadcast into well-tilled soil. Most soil types are suitable. Flowers bloom until the onset of the first frost. Some species reseed themselves and persists in various years in the garden.

Growing calendar
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
80 cm
Sowing depth
0 cm
Germination duration
14 days
Fertilization need
Water need
Soil Type
All soil types

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