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Sweet pepper, Frigitello de Padrón

Capsicum annuum

This versatile pepper brings a rich harvest in the open field! The small fruits have a thick wall, are bursting with juice, and are very aromatic. These can be harvested green or red when fully ripe. Eat them raw or cooked. Preserved in vinegar, they make a tasty treat and can also be dried for winter. The best for Spanish-style tapas "Pimientos de Padrón".

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Product number AA-2567-00
Content in grams 0.21
Content in seeds 30.00
Content in m2 10.00
Family nightshade family
Seed need (g/Are) 5-6g
Thousand-seeds weight (TKW) 7.1 grams
Seeds per gram 139.6
Growing instructions

Sow in early March into pots in a warm place. Transplant into the field from May 20 in a cold frame or protected space at a distance of 60 ✕ 60 cm. Tie to stakes and keep free of frost. For early peppers you can sow early in a professional greenhouse.

Growing calendar
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Sowing quantity 5 - 6 g/Are
80 cm
Planting distance
60 x 60 cm
Sowing depth
0 cm
Germination duration
14 days
Fertilization need
Water need
Soil Type

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