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Garden tool, Weed and Asparagus Cutters


This gardening tool allows for cutting weed roots deeply and harvesting asparagus.

Thanks to its long shaft and sharp tip, the weed gouge is ideal for cutting the roots of dandelions or other deep-rooted plants. Harvesting asparagus is also facilitated.

This steel gardening tool is hand-forged by the Krumpholz company in Bavaria. The handle is made of lacquered ash wood and measures 14 cm, allowing for comfortable handling.

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Krumpholz is a renowned manufacturer of high quality gardening tools, offering a wide range of products including hand weeders, planting trowels, planting knives, hand picks and planters.

Each tool is handcrafted in Germany from premium carbon steel and undergoes extensive quality control to ensure superior quality.

With a perfect blend of experience and innovation, Krumpholz continually advances its tool production from generation to generation to meet the highest standards of quality-conscious gardeners.

Krumpholz tools are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and reliable, thanks to the use of quality steel and wood.

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