Lange in Vergessenheit geraten, erleben Pastinaken derzeit eine wohlverdiente Renaissance. Die Wurzeln bringen kräftigen Geschmack in die Suppe, können aber auch wie Kartoffeln zu feinem Püree verarbeitet werden. Wächst in schwererem Boden besser als Karotten.


umbellifier family Pastinaca sativa

Half-long Parsnip

These thick, white roots have a pleasant taste. Not only do they have flavour, they have storage ability too. They can be stored all winter until spring. They are prepared like carrots for fresh or cooked vegetables. They can also be used as a starch side dish like potatoes.

Sow in May in rows 30–40 cm apart. If necessary, thin out to 8 cm within the rows. Regular watering recommended. Harvest the root from October and onwards.

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Sowing quantity 30 - 40 g/Are

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Portion (for 5 m2)
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25 g (300 seeds/g)
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100 g (300 seeds/g)
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