In Salzmarschen und entlang der Küsten Neuseelands heimisch, wurde der Neuseeländer bereits von den Maori für seine gesunden Eigenschaften zu schätzen. Die ideale Grünquelle im Sommer, wenn Spinat nicht angebaut werden kann.

New Zealand spinach

stone plants Tetragonia expansa

New Zealand spinach bay spinach, cook's cabbage, new zealand spinach

Strong and vigorous growth. Ideal for the continued self-supply with leafy vegetables. Height about 30cm.

Sowing from April, ideally in pots. Germination takes up to 6 weeks! Plant young seedlings in a distance of 1m in all directions. Suitable for mixed cultures at the juvenile stage. Ideal partner of tomatoes. Loves nutrient-rich soil. The plants spread heavily. Continuously harvest the tips of the shoots.

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Sowing quantity 40 g/Are

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