woad (false indigo)

crucifer, cabbage family Isatis tinctoria

Dyer's-weed (annual) woad, glastum

One of the few plants that can be used as a natural blue dye, besides the real Indigo. The Dying process is easy and known since prehistoric times. After hibernating, the plant blooms in bright yellow colours in May of the second year of cultivation. Height up to 150cm.

Sow in March-April in nutrient-rich soil in rows with a distance of 50cm. Slow germination, therefore sowing on seed trays is recommended. Thin out plantlings to 30cm or plant out. In the first year a leafy rosette develops. As soon as the lowest leaves start to fade one cuts the complete leafy bush, which is used for dye extraction. 2-3 harvests possible.

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