poaceae, gramineae family Triticum dicoccum

Eine der ältesten Getreidearten: Emmer

Emmer (autumn sowing) Emmer

Emmer was the most important cereal of the ancient agricultural crops of Europe. The spike gives a very valuable grain with long awns. The grain is protected against environmental influences with its husk. Therefore, it must be de-husked before used for food purposes. For saving seeds and replanting, leave grains in the husk.

Sow in mid October in weed-free, rather poor soil. No compost or fertilizer should be added; otherwise the crop suffers and the grain may lodge. Space rows at 15 cm or sow by broadcasting. Harvest in August. Cut the grain and bind into sheaves to let dry.

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Sowing quantity 2000 g/Are

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100 g (for 5 m2)
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