On our farm in the mountains of Valais we not only produce our organic seeds, but also different varieties of cereals. Instead of just selling our precious harvest to anonymous industrial channels, we wanted to make something special out of it. It's the perfect snack for outdoor activities or for the school break. Only seven ingredients, vegan and no added sugar.

Organic cereal bars



Organic Cereal Bar - Oats & Carrots Organic Cereal bar

Our cereal bar is made with Swiss organic oats and delicious carrot juice. Perfect for a little break or the get the energy for working in the garden!

30 grams

Ingredients: Oat flakes 46% [Swiss], sultanas, sunflower oil, carrot juice concentrate
sunflower oil, carrot juice concentrate 7%, apple juice concentrate
apple juice concentrate, cinnamon, orange oil

30 g net/bar. Best before: 24.11.2022

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Box/Carton (108 Bars)
158.80 CHF
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Box/Carton (18 Bars)
33.40 CHF
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