Angel trumpets

nightshade family Datura sp.

Die Engelstrompete, auch Datura genannt, gibt ihre Geheimnisse erst am sp├Ąten Abend preis.

Santa Maria di Montelupo (annual) Angel trumpets

The Dature only shares its secrets late in the evening. Then it opens its flawless snow-white blossoms and spreads its seducing fragrance. Height up to 120cm. Attention: very poisonous (including seeds)

Sow from end of March. Put a single seed in a small pot. Plant out to the flower bed on the 20th of May (Distance 60x60cm) or transfer to a large planter. Prefers warm, sunny locations. Regularly provide humidity. Potentially bind up. Datura can hibernate at suitable locations. Blooms from June to October.

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