Angel's Trumpet, Datura

nightshade family Datura sp.

Die Engelstrompete, auch Datura genannt, gibt ihre Geheimnisse erst am späten Abend preis.

Santa Maria di Montelupo (annual) Angel trumpets

Angel’s trumpet (Datura sp.) save their secrets until late evening. At this time, they open their immaculate, snow white flowers that give off a bewitching fragrance. Height reaches 120 cm. Warning: Highly toxic including the seeds.

Sow in late March. Place one seed in a small pot in a warm place. Transplant out to the field from May 20 at a distance of 60 ✕ 60 cm or into a large pot. Datura prefers warm and sunny locations. Keep the ground moist. It is possible for Datura to overwinter in some locations. Blooming occurs from June to October

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