Auch Ackerbohne genannt, werden die eiweisshaltigen Puffbohnen heute vor allem als Futterpflanze angebaut. Zu Unrecht! Als Humus oder Falafel sind sie eine willkommene vegetarische Abwechslung.

Fava bean

legume family Vicia faba

Fava bean Fava bean, Broad bean

This broad and thick bean is an ancient crop. Historically, and still today, it serves as an excellent protein source and meat substitute. Use the immature seeds in recipes by briefly steaming them. The mature, dried seeds are great in stews. In home gardens, they are used as green manure to replenish nitrogen in the soil.

Sow in February or March in rows 50 cm apart with 10 cm between seeds. The space in between can be intercropped with potatoes or tomatoes. Beware that plants seeded late are often infested with aphids known as plant lice.

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Sowing quantity 2 kg/Are

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