mint family Lavandula angustifolia


Real Lavender (perennial) Lavender

This pretty and long-stemmed lavender is fragrant and purple. It conjures up memories of Provence in those who pass by it. Its flowers make a lovely, calming tea. A dried bouquet of lavender protects against moths in the wardrobe and in the kitchen cupboard. Lavender is an excellent honey plant for apiaries. Height reaches up to 60 cm.

Sow in March into seedling trays. Germination is irregular. Transplant, after about ten weeks, in the open land into a location with full sun at a distance of 40 ✕ 40 cm. Lavender needs alkaline (limey soil), it doesn’t thrive in acidic soils. Trim back the first summer before blooming starts. After this, it will bloom even more spectacularly for years to come.

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