umbellifier family Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce

Sweet fennel (annual or perennial) florence fennel

The seeds of the sweet fennel are considerer an important remedy since ancient times. Prepared as a tea it helps against digestive troubles (Mothers like to drink it in the breast feeding period) and relieves cough. Sweet fennel is also popularly used as an addition to bread or pastries or to flavour liquors. Only cold-hardy in mild climate. The bright yellow blossom is a favourite of many beneficial organisms. Height up to 200cm.

Sow from middle of March in row with a distance of 40cm. Later thin out to about 10cm. Harvest from September: As soon as the seed (fruits) turn from green to brown, cut the full cone and air dry. Then manually rub out the seeds and filter using a sieve. Store dry and cool. Fennel that hibernated does ripe earlier in the second year.

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Sowing quantity 40 - 50 g/Are

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