Fennel, Spice fennel

umbellifier family Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce

Sweet fennel (annual or perennial) Florence fennel

The seeds of sweet fennel have been considered in important remedy since ancient times. When prepared as a tea, it has a calming effect and helps with indigestion, breastfeeding and to relieve cough. Aside from medicinal qualities, it is packed with flavour. Sweet fennel is a popular addition to bread or pastries, and to flavour liquours. Fennel grows hardily in mild climates and the bright-yellow blossoms attract many beneficial pollinators.

Sow from mid-March directly in rows 40 cm apart. Later, thin out to about 10 cm. Harvest from September when the seeds (fruits) mature from green to brown. Cut the whole umbel and air dry. Thrash the seeds by rubbing them in your hands and clean using a sieve. Store in a cool, dry place. Fennel can be overwintered to mature in the second year.

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Sowing quantity 40 - 50 g/Are

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