composite plants, daisy family Carthamus tinctorius


Orange (annual) Safflower

Safflower is an ancient crop with multiple uses. On one hand, it was used for dying fabrics and food. The natural dye gives a yellowing, orange or red colouration. On the other hand, a valuable cooking oil can be pressed from the seeds. You will often find this in supermarket shelves. With their scruffy, bright-orange flower heads, they look great in bouquets. Height reaches up to 70 cm.

Sow in mid-April to mid-May. We recommend direct sowing into the garden bed with rows spaced at 30 cm. Within rows, every 20 cm plant two seeds. Protect crops from birds who seek out the oil-rich seeds. Sunny ground with nutrient-rich soils ensure a bountiful crop. If you want to harvest the seeds for oil pressing, cultivate in plastic tunnels. Wait until the flowers are mature and dry then thrash and separate the oil-heavy seeds from the chaff.

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