Toothpick-plant, Bisnaga, Khella, Bishop’s weed

umbellifier family Ammi visnaga


St. Gallen’s lace (annual) / St. Gallen’s Toothpick-plant Toothpick-plant, toothpickweed, bisnaga, khella

The large white flowering umbels are compound umbels composed of many smaller umbels. They are arranged like choreographed dancers arranging on the stage. Originally from the Nile Delta, it is now naturalized with us in Switzerland. While it serves as a medicinal herb, it is also used quite often for floral bouquets. Blooming occurs from July to August. Height reaches 120 cm.

Sow from March to April in planter boxes or directly into the field. Sunny to partially shaded spaces are prefered. Space at 30 ✕ 30 cm. Keep moist as it doesn’t like to dry out.

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