the marvel of Peru, four o'clock flower

Wunderblumengewächse, Nyctaginaceae Mirabilis jalapa

Exotic mix (annual) the marvel of peru, four o'clock flower

The marvel flower opens its sieve-shaped blossoms only late in the afternoon, but it blooms until early dawn and spreads a dark, heavy perfume. Moths are attracted to this scent and pollinate the flowers. Humans start to feel very romantic in its presence, which also cannot harm! The flower itself is a marvel, since individual flower petals have various colours from one petal to another and even single petals are striped. An absolute must to get to know! Height about 100cm.

Sowing using seedlings: sow in the end of March, plant out end of April (40x40cm distance). Direct seed: from middle of April plant the large seeds in a distance of 40cm, 2cm deep into the soil or in a large planter. Location: sunny to partial shade.

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