Gaillardia, Indian blanket, Sundance, Firewheel

composite plants, daisy family Gaillardia pulchella

Indian blanket (annual) Gaillardia, Indian blanket, Sundance, Firewheel

Indian blanket is a secret that you should know about. The low-growing, strong plants produce flowers from the end of July deep into autumn. They blanket the ground with a wealth of idiosyncratic flowers that dot the landscape with their basket shape. They paint warm, orange-brown tones that vary to yellow and purple. We received our first seeds from a gardener at the al-Azhar Park in Cairo and have loved them ever since. Shows the true beauty of network gardening in action! Height reaches up to 60 cm.

Sow from March to April in a hothouse or a warm place. In mid-May, after about four weeks, transplant to the open field. Ensure they have a sunny and warm location. Space at 30 ✕ 30 cm apart.

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