Tagetes, Mexican tarragon, Yauhtli

composite plants, daisy family Tagetes lucida

Mexican tarragon / Yauhtli (annual) Mexican tarragon

This tarragon is exciting. The sweet scent is reminiscent of anise and, clearly, liquorice. Also, its scent is reminiscent of woodruff fragrance. The delicate yellow flowers brighten up the edges of the flower bed. At the same time, you can indulge in its culinary uses. The fresh leaves are used like common tarragon or estragon, and if dried, they form an aromatic tea. In Mexico, Yauhtli is worshiped. Height: 60 cm.

Sow in April into planting pots. From mid-May, transplant into the open land at a distance of 30 ✕ 30 cm apart. Frost free culture is necessary. Beware of snails! Mexican tarragon (Yauhtli) not only serves as a border plant, but is also beneficial to plant between vegetables when soil is depleted.

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Sowing quantity 200 g/Are

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