Sie gehören zu der Pflanzenfamilie der Nachtschattengewächse und erfreuen uns seit einigen Jahren mit exotischen Gaumenfreuden. Die sauren Bergauberginen gehören in die mexikanische Küche, allem voran in die grüne Salsa. Erlebnis pur.

eggplant, tomatillo

nightshade family Physalis ixocarpa

Mexican husk tomato, tomatillo Mexican husk tomato, tomatillo

Lush growing plant originating from Mexico with many, round, green, sometimes red-violet fruits (size about 5cm.). The lampions burst when the fruits are ripe. This eggplant thrives outdoor and offers a high yield throughout the growing season. The fruits are exquisitely suitable for ratatouille and sauces, chutneys and mixed pickles. An ideal replacement for aubergines.

Sow in seed trays at warm locations from the beginning of March. Prick out seedlings into pots, when about 5cm tall. Bed out from 20th of May at a distance of 80x80cm. Tie to stakes. Frost-protection is required. Continuously harvest of the ripe fruits starting from August.

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Sowing quantity 2 g/Are

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