Summer Adonis, Summer pheasant's-eye

buttercup family, crowfoot family Adonis aestivalis

Summer Adonis, Summer pheasant's-eye (annual, overwinter) Summer Adonis, Summer pheasant's-eye

Summer pheasant’s-eye (Adonis) is one of the local field herbs that sprouted up in grain crops. These days, it is hard to find due to herbicide use and can only be found in a few locations. With its finely feathered leaves and bright-red flowers, it is attractive and lives up to its namesake Adonis. (Adonis was a handsome youth from Greek mythology.)

Sow in autumn or March–April in the garden patch. It thrives in any open garden soil that has full sun. Do not add compost. Sow together with other flowers such as poppies, cornflower, corn cockle and Venus mirror. Toxic: Do not ingest.

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