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The Original Spicy Sack Selection Z

Capsicum annuum

These short peppers grow in upright clusters. The are very spicy. Harvest the green pods for fresh use. Let peppers ripen and turn red for fresh use or for drying and grinding into chili powder.

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Quantity Portion (25700) or 100 seeds (25701)
Family nightshade family
Seed need (g/Are) 5-6g
Thousand-seeds weight (TKW) 7 grams
Seeds per gram 142.9
Instructions de culture 

Sowing from the beginning of March in pots at sunny spots. Transplant from the 20th of May to a protected location. Plant distances 40x40cm. Frost-free culture required.

Growing calendar
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Sowing quantity 5 - 6 g/Are
60 cm
Planting distance
40 x 40 cm
Sowing depth
0 cm
Germination duration
14 days
Fertilization need
Water need
Soil Type
Fertile soils
Suited for balcony gardening