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Raphanus sativus var. sativa

This is your classic radish. It has a crisp, ball-round root. It is a bit spicy, but not very sharp. It can be planted and harvested early.

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Quantity Portion or 25 g or 100 g
Family crucifer, cabbage family
Thousand-seeds weight (TKW) 6.93 grams
Seeds per gram 144.4
Instructions de culture 

Sow from March to April and from August to September in rows 10 cm apart. Ensure consistent moisture and keep soil loose. Elder leaf mulch helps repel flea beetles. Harvest continuously. Radishes do great intercropped with other vegetables.

Growing calendar
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Sowing quantity 250 g/Are
15 cm
Planting distance
3 x 10 cm
Sowing depth
0 cm
Germination duration
7 days
Fertilization need
Water need
Soil Type
All soil types
Suited for balcony gardening