gourd family, cucurbit family Cucumis sativus

Essiggurken, die nach Essiggurken schmecken!
Knackig und frisch: die Gurke Delikatess

Delicacy Pickles

This medium-sized fruit has smooth skin. It is perfect for homemade pickles if picked when small. Larger fruits are great in summer salads or, even, roasted! It is truly versatile.

Sow from mid-April in pots or in mid-May directly into the field. Plant at distances of 50✕50 cm on all sides. Cucumbers love mature compost. They also like the shade of sweet corn. So if you sow at the base of corn rows into soil with high nutrition and organic matter you will be pleasantly rewarded. Check cucumbers every other day and pick the harvest-ready ones.

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Sowing quantity 20 g/Are

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Portion (ca. 30 seeds)
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5 g (30 seeds/g)
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