flower mixture Mischung / Mélange

Garden dream (annual) flower mix annual

Lifetime from March to October, but at least 3 months. Gorgeous flower mix, that will embellish your garden with changing aspects throughout summer. The composition can slightly vary. The used plants are beneficial to prevent soil fatigue, shade the ground, promote crumby soil structure and increase the humus contents in the soil. Some kinds are valuable as cutting plants, spices and medicinal plants. Replaces every green manuring.

Sow from March to beginning of July, for example in unused garden beds. Prepare fine, crumbly soil and broad-cast the seeds, lightly rake in and press on. Every kind of garden soil is suitable. Prefers sun and half-shaded locations. The plants bloom until the first frost. Some varieties are self-sowers and can persist in the garden for several years.

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Sowing quantity 350 g/Are

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