amaranth family Amaranthus cruentus

Golden grain Amaranth, Ornamental Amaranth

Amaranth is next to corn and quinoa in dietary importance to the peoples of South America such as the Incas. As a pseudo-cereal⁠—grain from a non-grass, it challenges the assumption that grains come from grasses like wheat. It has become a champion staple in allergy-conscious recipes and diets. It has no gluten either. The white to golden grains can be prepared like millet or ground into flour. This impressive plant can reach one meter in height.

Sow at the beginning to the end of March in a seedling starter tray. After about four weeks, transplant the seedlings at a distance of 50✕50 cm apart. Harvest the mature seed heads in August/September.

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Sowing quantity 3 - 4 g/Are

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