lily family Allium porrum

Gaelic Leek, Allium

This medium-late variety is for harvesting from late autumn to early winter. It is very robust with bluish foliage. Its straight stature gives a stem of 18–22 cm with a large amount of white. It gives it makes the garden looks vibrant and gives large yields with a large proportion of white bulb that give lots of ingredients for the kitchen. It is also cold tolerant. These noble leaves look great in any market stall!

Sow during March in a hotbed for early leeks. For later leeks, sow in early April. Transplant early to mid-June at a distance of 30 ✕ 20 cm apart in 10 cm deep furrows. Hill in the fall time. Harvest late fall until May.

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Sowing quantity 8 - 10 g/Are

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