gourd family, cucurbit family Citrullus lanatus


Siberian Gold water melon

We have a specialty watermelon from Siberia. The oval, large, melons are characterized by orange-yellow flesh. While they are a little less sweet, they make up for it with aroma and flavour that is unmatched. It is more robust than Sugar Baby variety and can grow in semi-sheltered places in the field, but a greenhouse is always preferred.

Sow from early to mid-April in a warm area. Place two seeds into 8-cm pots and lightly. Keep uniform moisture and keep the temperature warm. In a very mild climate, the young plants can be transplanted to the field from May 20 at 100 ✕ 100 cm spacing. Plants grown in a hothouse, plastic tunnels or greenhouses guarantee a bountiful harvest. Nutrient-rich soil and compost are always beneficial.

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Sowing quantity 8 - 10 g/Are

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