Auch etwas anspruchsvollere Pflanzen wie Tomaten wachsen auf dem Balkon bestens, wenn man sie richtig pflegt!
Bio-Samen und Zubehör für den Bio-Garten

Urban Gardening Set "Sun worshipers" urban-gardener set

Thanks to the simple and clear instructions, even more challenging varieties have thrived on balconies and terraces without any problems! Note that these species require a very sunny location! The beautiful box of high-quality garden accessories and a range of established organic varieties is an ideal gift for seasoned gardeners or those who aspire to be!

This kit contains five packets of organic seeds (basil, mini-tomatoes, edible flowers, chili, peppers), nursery pots made from coconut fibre (coir),a PET bottle cap watering spout, wooden garden labels, twine, a gardening pen, a garden tool, a planting calendar and easy-to-use instructions. It is suitable for those who garden on the balcony, terrace, or the garden with the cultivated space in a sunny location. The set was put together in collaboration with <a href="">Veg and the City</a> who are THE specialists in urban gardening!

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