Organic urban gardening kit: all you need for a rich harvest on the balcony!

Urban Gardening Set "Easy-Care" urban-gardener set

With this urban gardening kit, a successful harvest is guaranteed in the garden or on the balcony—even for beginners! This beautiful box is packed with high-quality garden accessories and a range of established organic varieties. It is the ideal gift for seasoned gardeners or beginners in the making!

This kit contains four packets of organic seeds (Cut-and-come-again lettuce, bush beans, radishes, cucumbers), nursery pots made from coconut fibre (coir), a PET bottle cap watering spout, wooden garden labels, twine, a planting calendar and easy-to-use instructions. This kit works great for those who want to easily sow and reap vegetables on the balcony, terrace, or in the garden. The set was put together in collaboration with <a href="">Veg and the City</a> who are THE specialists in urban gardening!

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