umbellifier family Coriandrum sativum

Indian (annual) Coriander

This annual, culinary herb has small, white, rose-coloured umbels. Its height reaches about 30–70 cm. Its healthy and strong flavour make the fresh leaves a choice ingredient. They go great in tomato sauces, salsas, vegetable dishes, and chutneys. The mature coriander seeds can be used in sweet pastries.

Direct seed into the field from April onward. Prevent takeover by weeds due to its slow germination. Pick leaves continuously as needed. Cut the whole plant at seed maturity and dry. Then place the whole plant in a sack and thrash it carefully so as to not smash the seeds. Separate the seeds from the straw and chaff. Winnowing with wind or a screen can help.

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Sowing quantity 50 g/Are

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