legume family Phaseolus vulgaris ssp. vulgaris var. vulgaris


Half-sized, half-stalk Climbing beans / Pole beans

The name says it all; it’s a pole bean that climbs, but no more than 1.5 m high. This makes is an ideal variety for balcony gardens and small areas. In small areas, it even provides more yield than a bush bean but without the bulky leaves and tendrils going rampant. At this comfortable height, harvest is a breeze too!

Sow from mid-May to the beginning of June at a distance of 60 cm. Place about 4 beans 2 cm deep in a circle pattern. As they say, “Beans must hear the bells ringing.” So do not sow them too deep. Stick a 2.5 m stake in the circle to give the beans a climbing trail for their tendrils. They respond well to ample compost. Gardener Tip: Soak seeds for 12 hours in lukewarm chamomile tea before sowing.

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