amaranth family Amaranthus tricolor

Red Leaf Amarant Leaf Amaranth

Red leaf amaranth is mainly noticed by its extravagant leaves. Every eye will catch these colourful leaves amidst the green garden. It provides a nutritious pseudocereal or false grain loved by allergy sufferers. In this lush variety, the dark red leaves are the main attraction. They can be harvested in large quantities and consistently give high yields. Prepare these like spinach in your favourite recipes. This variety is very productive so aside from high-yielding crops it is great for a green manure cover crop.

Sow beginning in early March in a seed tray in a warm place. Seedlings should be planted at 50✕50 cm spacing after about four weeks. Direct seeding is possible after the last threat of frost. Harvest young leaves continuously. Height can reach up to 100cm.

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