lily family Allium cepa

Zwiebel Wistenlacher
Zwiebel Wistenlacher

Wistenlacher Onions

These are the original onion braids of the Zibelemärit in Berne! The farmers of Wistenlach (Mont Vully) used to sell their onion harvest at the Berne market where the braided displays draw onlookers. Then, as now, those who want the best onions must get up early before they are gone!

Sow directly into the field in March in rows 30 cm apart. Intercropping with carrots is a possibility. Just slightly cover seeds with soil and pack lightly. Keep weed free. Harvest in August and September. Store in a dry, cool place such as a root cellar. Sowing into seedling trays with 2–3 seeds per compartment and then transplanting at a distance of 30 ✕ 10 cm, gives a good crop of uniform onions. We recommend transplanting.

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Sowing quantity 40 - 60 g/Are

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