nightshade family Capsicum annuum

Mit Golden Wonder wird es bunt auf dem Küchentisch

Golden Wonder (California Wonder Type) Sweet peppers, Bell peppers

This large, block-shaped, and yellow-ripening pepper adds extra colour to the garden. The thick-walled fruits are juicy and bursting with flavour. They are very aromatic. In mild area climates they mature in the open field, but covering in a hot house brings early and greater yield potential. This reputable variety livens up the display at the organic produce stand at weekly markets.

Sow in early March into pots in a warm place. Transplant into the field from May 20th at a distance of 60 ✕ 60 cm on each side. Tie up to sturdy stakes. Keep frost free at all times. For commercial earlier harvests, advance the seeding time and use greenhouses to beware of frosts.

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Sowing quantity 5 - 6 g/Are

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