legume family Phaseolus vulgaris ssp. vulgaris var. vulgaris

Das legendäre Posthörnli

Yellow post horn beans

The pink-blooming bean has always been the favourite bean of the Bernese people. Light-yellow, strongly curved pods (Posthörnli), which are tender and taste great. A heirloom variety that produces an excellent yield, that fills the vegetable cuisine with full baskets for several weeks. The word spreads quickly about such qualities both across national and international borders!!

Sowing from middle of May to beginning of June. In a distance of 60cm position about 9 beans in a circle at a depth of 2cm. “Beans need to hear the bells ring”. Put a 2.5m long pole in the centre of each circle. Generous additions of compost pay off. Garden tip: Let the seeds swell in lukewarm chamomile tea for 12h before the sowing.

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