legume family Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis

Metro beans, climbing beans

This tropical/subtropical bean grows like a string bean and can also be grown in our climate zone with a little bit of gardening craftsmanship. It produces abundant up to 60cm long pods of light-green colour. They are harvested young (at a length of 40cm they are very tender and tasty) and are prepared like a vegetable. Fully mature pods can be cored and used as dry beans. Height up to 250cm.

Sow in small pots at a sunny location from middle to end of April. Carefully plant in the open land from middle to end of May or alternatively in the foil tunnel at a distance like beans. Let climb up on poles. Initially they grow hesitantly but on hot days they take start to take off and produce! Continuously harvest.

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Sowing quantity 400 - 500 g/Are

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