legume family Pisum sativum convar. axiphium

Northland Snow peas, Sugar peas

If you are looking for true Northland snow peas (Nordland-kefen), we have the original variety! Even though we know what to expect, it always surprises us with its speedy growth. It shows off its white flowers as it grows up to 120 cm. The bright-green pods are wide and remarkably sweet. You will have to pick them before the children eat them all like candy!

Sow from March to April. Space rows at 40–60 cm with 2–3 cm between each single seed at a depth of 5 cm. Alternatively, space circular plantings of 8–10 seeds at 40 cm. Seeds must be protected from birds. Pound in a branched stake in the centre of the circle for plants to climb up. If sown into rows, trellis plants with twine or wire on both sides. Harvest from June and onwards.

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Sowing quantity 800 - 1000 g/Are

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