nightshade family Solanum melongena

kurz im Olivenöl gebraten - ein traumhafter Genuss

Purple long (Asian type) Aubergine / Eggplant

People who discover the possibilities of Purple Long Eggplant keep it in their garden for ages. With slender fruit, up to 40 cm long, and dark purple skin it gives many culinary possibilities. The flesh is tender and fellow with a refined and unique taste. We cut thick slices (8 mm) and fry them in olive oil. Others cut them lengthwise (flat or in spears) to cook with their favourite spices, cheese, or breading. They are versatile for all eggplant recipes, but also so good on their own that other ingredients are not even necessary. Height reaches up to 120 cm.

Sow in the beginning to the end of February in warm seedling trays. Young seedlings are ready to transplant when they span 5 cm from the potting tray to the tip. They adapt well to pots or the field when danger from frost is gone. Transplant into a greenhouse in early May or into the field in mid-May. Cover with garden fleece and then tie stalks to a stake. Always pinch off the first bloom of flowers to ensure sturdy stalks and deep rooting.

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Sowing quantity 2 - 2 g/Are

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