gourd family, cucurbit family Cucurbita moschata

Musquée de Provence pumpkin, squash

This magnificent pumpkin loves the southern sun, but it also grows well in mild climate zones. The well tasting fruits have a flat-round shape and weigh about 4-6kg. They change colour from green to golden brown as they mature. Plant is a strong creeper.

Sow a single seed in a 10cm pot from the middle of April at about 20°C. Only lightly cover with soil or sand and keep humid evenly. Plant out on the 20th of May. (Attention slug damage). Frost-protected culture necessary. Distance 80-100cm in all directions. Harvest from end ofSeptember, but for sure before the first frost. Storage at at least 15°C until 8 months. In need of lots of warmth.

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Sowing quantity 25 g/Are

Item No.
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Portion (ca. 10 plants)
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25 g (5 seeds/g)
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