crucifer, cabbage family Brassica oleracea convar. acephala var. gongylodes

Lanro (white) Kohlrabi

This light-green kohlrabi is extremely tender. It does well in both spring and autumn cultivation. Sowing in early August in a plastic tunnel or greenhouse gives a winter harvest. The versatility of planting and harvest time makes it ideal for direct marketers who want consistent supplies.

Sow in late March to early August in seedling trays. After six weeks, transplant into the open field, or for autumn, in a plastic tunnel. Plant with 25 ✕ 25 cm spacing. Keep soil moisture constant. Intercrop with lettuce and celery to maximize yield.

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Sowing quantity 4 - 5 g/Are

Item No.
Price / item
Portion (ca. 200 seeds)
3.95 CHF
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5 g (400 seeds/g)
16.95 CHF
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