umbellifier family Daucus carota


Küttiger Storage carrots

This old heirloom variety has been maintained by the rural women of Küttiger for generations. Once you taste it, you will know why they propagated it year to year. The tapered root has a very intense flavour that livens the taste buds. It is known for healthy foliage above its tapered root that is quite wide on the top and pointy on the bottom. It is an old proven variety with much flavour. After trying it, you might not be able to eat carrots from the supermarket again.

For storage carrots, sow from June to early July in rows at 30 cm spacing. Keep the rows weed free and do not add fresh compost. If carrots are crowded, thin out to 2–3 cm between plants within the row. Carrots do well intercropped with onions to maximize field space.

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Sowing quantity 30 - 40 g/Are

Item No.
Price / item
Portion (for 5 m2)
4.60 CHF
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25 g (1000 seeds/g)
19.10 CHF
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