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Urban gardener set (13 bags incl. labels) urban-gardener set

Nothing fancy, but concrete production in the middle of the city: 11 seed bags with the very best varieties from the seed nursery Zollinger. Specially composed for proven urban gardeners and the ones who intend to become urban gardeners. +1 bag tomato seeds, Variety: tree tomato + 1 bag runner beans, variety: Muotathaler +1 bag cucumber, variety: Nostrano +1 bag pumpkin seeds, variety: yellow centner +1 bag zucchini, variety: grey zucchini +1 bag radish seeds, variety: Cherry Bell +1 bag lettuce, variety: Misticanza +1 bag basil, variety: Genovese (Pesto) +1 bag arugula, variety: wild Arugula +1 bag morning glory, variety: pink +1 bag sun flowers, variety: Friendly Gulliver.

With a practical guide to know when and how one should seed and plant. In addition, a painting of the Swiss Artist Claude Campell who lives in New York and since a long time observes the urban life on New Yorks balconies and in its back yards.

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