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Urban gardener set (13 bags incl. labels) urban-gardener set

This no-nonsense urban gardening kit is not meant to be flashy. It is meant to give a good yield in the middle of the densest cities. We have included 11 seed packets of our best varieties at the Zollinger nursery that thrive in an urban setting. This set is for proven urban gardeners and those who desire to become urban gardeners. Includes: +1 pack tomato seeds, variety: tree tomato; + 1 pack runner beans, variety: muotathaler; +1 pack cucumber, variety: Nostrano; +1 pack squash seeds, variety: yellow centner; +1 pack zucchini, variety: grey zucchini; +1 pack radish seeds, variety: cherry bell; +1 pack lettuce, variety: misticanza; +1 pack basil, variety: Genovese (pesto); +1 pack arugula, variety: wild Arugula; +1 pack morning glory, variety: pink; +1 pack sun flowers, variety: Friendly Gulliver; + 1 pack carrots, variety: "Marché de Paris"; +1 bag red mustard; +1 pack thyme.

This set comes with a practical guide on how and when to sow your urban garden. For inspiration, we include a painting of the Swiss artist Claude Campbell, who creates wonderful balcony and backyard gardens while living in bustling New York City.

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