crucifer, cabbage family Brassica juncea


Red mustard, fine-ribbed leaf Leaf mustard, Versatile vegetable

Red mustard with fine ribbed leaves is a mainstay in Asian kitchens and cuisine and now it is available with us where it is in high demand. It can be mixed with lettuce for fresh salads, steamed, or quickly sautée in oil. It amplifies the variety at plant markets by adding an ethnic touch. Red mustard grows well in balcony and container gardens as well as for indoors

Sow in March and April and then again from August to September in rows 20 cm apart. The autumn crop is less affected by flea beetles. Diligent weeding and consistent moisture promote rapid growth and high yields. Harvest begins from 45 days and on. Pick the leaves throughout the season like spinach.

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Sowing quantity 25 - 30 g/Are

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