umbellifier family Daucus carota

Tip top selection z early carrots

Sweet, early, crisp: No dreams a left unfulfilled. The variety Tip Top was for long the favourite choice among early carrots, until it was displaced by hybrid varieties in the eighties. In direct comparison in the field it outperforms all other varieties in terms of flavour. A clear case for the seed nursery. Instead of putting Tip Top on ice on the gene bank, it shall again enrich the gardens and plates of passionate vegetable connoisseurs.

Sowing in rows with a 30cm distance from March with additional growth cycles until beginning of July. Keep weed-free by the means of regular hacking. Protect against the carrots fly using a carrot net. Do not add fresh compost. Carrots like to stand in a mixed plant culture with onions.

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Sowing quantity 30 - 40 g/Are

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