legume family Glycine max

Black Hokkaido soy beans

We got the very first, pretty, shiny black seeds of the black soy bean from Kaori Takigawa. "They were the best". This is something we can only confirm. Kaori recommends them for EDAMAME. The young pods are continuously harvested (the seeds still have to be light and soft). Blanch in boiling salt water. Let drip off and serve. The pods can be opened with a little bit of finger pressure and the seeds are put in one's mouth. The ripe seeds can also be prepared like other dried beans.

Sow in rows (50cm distance) from the middle of May. Every 5-6cm, put a seed about 2 cm deep into the soil. Harvest the dry husks continuously in September, maybe let dry for longer, deseed manually or put the dry plants in a cloth bag and thresh with a stick. Sieve and clean up.

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Sowing quantity 500 - 600 g/Are

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